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A change in opinion…

November 16, 2009

To be completely honest, the idea of a blog has never really appealed to me. I could never really understand why on earth people would be particularly interested in reading about the inner thoughts and opinions of a 21 year old student. However, it suddenly struck me; I spend a vast amount of time chatting about things that interest, amuse and annoy me, probably to the point where many of my friends have simply learned to tune out my rather loud voice. In the interests of my popularity and the sanity of my friends, I decided that a blog would create the perfect forum for me to voice my views on the world, without driving my nearest and dearest to complete distraction.

I therefore ask you to bear with me as I slowly make the journey into the world of the blogger. It is not my intention to bring irritation to a wider audience, but rather to simply project some of my own thoughts out into what has become a rather chaotic and frustrating world. I hope that, at least some of this will provide entertainment or at least give a new and at times I fear, rather bizarre, perspective on the world we venture out into every day.

Read away, comment, criticise, hate, love, enjoy.

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