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City University Newspaper Journalism MA

May 4, 2010

Two weeks ago I attended an assessment day for the Newspaper Journalism MA course at City University London and have subsequently received a place to begin studying there next year. During the assessment day we were required to write two articles – one based upon information that was given to us, the other about an issue or event of local interest. It was the first time that I have ever written anything under such pressure and I thought it might be interesting to put them up here – no changes made! – and see how they fare against my other, more carefully drafted articles! The first article is a human interest piece about the Islington area (where City is based), the second is based upon information given to us during the day. Enjoy…

How safe are your streets?

The number of violent crimes in the Islington area seems to be growing, with local newspapers detailing daily reports of violence and gang-related activity in the area. Now, local residents and business owners are voicing their concerns over the safety of the area.

Angel based shopkeeper Joe Amreet explained, ‘I feel unsafe working in my shop alone at night. I hear so many stories of knife crime and robberies in the area and it makes me very anxious.’ Local resident Doug Walford believes that the problems stem from a lack of discipline over young people, leaving them free to fall under the influences of drugs and alcohol, ‘Kids are running wild,’ he says, ‘Drinking in the streets and fighting each other. It makes everyone around here feel incredibly wary. We need more police around here at night, that’s the only way to make people feel safe again.’

Labour candidate, Catherine West, has vowed to crack down on public drinking permanently, should her party gain power in the borough of Islington in the upcoming election. It is evident, however, that residents believe much greater action must be taken as soon as possible in order to restore a sense of security to the area and provide locals with a much needed feeling of safety.

Floods bring Newbridge to a standstill

The centre of Newbridge was a scene of chaos yesterday as two burst pipes caused severe flooding on the hight street and its surrounding areas. Police received a number of calls early on Sunday morning from residents reporting that large amounts of water had begun flowing down West High Street.

Engineers from Five Flow water company were quickly called to the scene and, along with emergency council workers, attempted to stem the ever increasing flow of water away from local shops and houses, using sandbags.

Believing the water flow to be under control, workers began digging up the road, in an attempt to repair the broken pipes. Soon, however, larger gushes of water began flowing out onto the high street, quickly spreading into the nearby gardens of local residents.

Although workers have managed to control the flow of water, they have been unable to stop it completely, and were forced to shut off the water supply, leaving nearly 200 local premises without water. Five flow have announced that the supply will remain shut off until 3pm today. Water tankers were brought in yesterday evening to supply local residents until the problems can be resolved. Residents and commuters are advised by police to avoid Newbridge city centre this morning as roads will remain closed to vehicle traffic until further notice.

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