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Ken: coalition using fear to make unnecessary cuts

November 25, 2010

Ken Livingstone spoke to students at BSix College yesterday. Photo courtesy of James Lachno.

THE Coalition Government are inciting fear of the current economic situation in order to push through drastic cuts, according to the former Mayor of London.

Whilst speaking to students at BSix Sixth Form College, Kenninghall Road yesterday, Ken Livingstone accused David Cameron of exaggerating the severity of the recession in order to scare the public into accepting severe budget cuts.

He said: “David Cameron and George Osborne are using fear in order to push through changes that they never would have gotten away with under any other circumstances. They are fear mongering, scaring people into believing that such drastic cuts are necessary.”

Mr Livingstone went on to say that the changes being made to the budget will not solve the economic crisis but could cause more long-term problems for future generations.

He said: “Cameron, Osborne and ‘Little Clegg’ are using fear to drive through cuts that [Margaret] Thatcher could only have dreamed of. They are running around trying to do more of what [Margaret] Thatcher did. Nobody ever got out a recession by making cuts. If we are going to solve this we need to work on economical growth.”

Labour’s Mayoral candidate warned students about a tough future and encouraged young people to fight against the government in order to maintain public services that will be vital to ensuring a secure economical future.

He said: “There is no immediate answer to the problems that you are going to face, other than to fight. You may end up fighting for the rest of your lives for equal opportunities. Sadly, your generation is facing a terrible quality of life under the current government.”

Mr Livingstone criticised past financial policies where public money was invested in the wrong areas. He said: “What we were getting wrong was what we were spending on. Over the last 10 years we could have given every student free education using the money that we have spent on war. Education is a vital part of the future and it is not something that should be so easily neglected.”

He encouraged students to pursue education beyond college, despite increases to university fees. He said: “Do not stop learning, regardless of fee increases. Take all that you can and carry on for the rest of your lives.”

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  1. November 25, 2010 11:26 pm

    Why do you think Boris got in?

    They had enough of this idiot. I agree with what he says. If you are middle-class or atleast have managed to keep your job and are well paid with a comfortable cushion of atleast £10,000 a year between income and expenditure then it isn’t that bad.

    If you are unemployed or working class on near NMW, perhaps lost your job in the recession, then its a lot different.

  2. Hilary Wingfield permalink
    November 26, 2010 9:49 am

    His audience definitely look enraptured by his words of encouragement! Mr. Livingstone was probably the MOST guilty of all politicians in terms of his ability to waste public money on mindless schemes!

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